ORGAN.i.ZE (I Organize) by AUTUMN HAYES.

A professional organizer dedicated to providing a clutter free environment that is not only highly functional and very affordable, but one that also brings a happy smile to the face of your space.  


Transforming spaces that make rooms smile at you!

"A Professional Organizer can provide ideas, information, structure, solutions and systems which could increase productivity, reduce stress, and lead to more control over time, space and activities." -

National Association of Professional Organizers

Home and Office Organization

giving you the space that you need

Any cluttered area can be transformed into a space that is not only highly functional, but one that is also pleasing. 

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Home and Garage Organization

helping to make work easier, more efficient

After a space is set up to fit your needs, it can now be fully utilized for the purpose it is intended for.

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providing solutions that fit your lifestyle

By the use of professional methods, any cluttered area converts to workable space. 

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Autumn Hayes

Professional Organizer​

phone: (804) 246-3461

​email: [email protected]

web: www.oneorganizedchic.com